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We see a time when the forest owners of the Pacific Northwest are joined together in a strong community advocating for ecologically-based forestry that creates prosperity in the long term

We believe that private markets can create solutions to today's challenges


Solving Woody Biomass in the Forests of the San Juan Islands

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Engaging with woodland owners in San Juan County to address the unique challenges of managing island forests for both ecological health and economic viability. NNRG and our partners have worked with many island…

How to Manage a Timber Sale – Jan. 21 & Feb. 4

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Timber harvests conducted with care and good planning are an important management tool that can generate revenue while improving the quality and value of timber resources and wildlife habitat. Harvesting…

NNRG’s Executive Director to join WA DNR as Policy Director

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NNRG Executive Director Dan Stonington (right) accepting NNRG’s 2016 FSC Leadership Award. The board and staff of NNRG are pleased to share that our Executive Director, Dan Stonington, has been selected…

Wooded Retreat at Two Frog Bog

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A walk along the wending path of Raven’s Trail at Two Frog Bog finds many visitors shedding the stress and grind of hurried lives and pausing to absorb the beautiful…

As a member of NNRG’s landowner stewardship and certification program, Northwest Certified Forestry, you will join a community of forest landowners who are pursuing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to managing their forests.


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