NNRG helps you to optimize the economic & ecological potential of your forest

We see a time when the forest owners of the Pacific Northwest are joined together in a strong community advocating for ecologically-based forestry that creates prosperity in the long term

We promote hands-on approaches to stewarding, managing, and restoring resilient forests

We believe that private markets can create solutions to today's challenges


From stump to Stumptown

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The farm-to-table movement resonates with citizens of the Pacific Northwest. Many people shop at local farmers markets, participate in CSAs,…


Workshop: Optimize the Value of Your Timber – November 7

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Recognizing the value of the timber you have can be the difference between selling a veneer-grade log at pulp prices…

SAWW Safe Course Orcas Island-092415

From the Field: Precision tree felling video

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NCF Director Kirk Hanson is on Orcas Island hosting the precision tree felling and low-impact yarding courses at YMCA Camp…


Member Spotlight: Shiitake Mushroom Logs

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In our Member Spotlight series, we highlight Northwest Certified Forestry (NCF) members who have used forest products for unique and entrepreneurial purposes on their land and within…

As a member of NNRG’s landowner stewardship and certification program, Northwest Certified Forestry, you will join a community of forest landowners who are pursuing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to managing their forests.