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About NW Neutral®

How does NW Neutral compare to other offsets such as VCS and CAR?

The NW Neutral® Program was developed to provide small forest landowners the ability to participate in the forestry carbon offset market.  We have developed a rigorous protocol that is comparable in many ways to the most highly regarded current standards such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate Action Registry (CAR).  Neither the Voluntary Carbon Standard nor the Climate Action Registry has an aggregation model that adequately addresses small forest landowner issues and allows them to participate with very small parcels.  It is our intention to seek 3rd Party verification under one of these systems once an aggregation protocol has been developed and adopted by those entities that meets the needs of small forest landowners.  We have provided a comparison of the key elements associated with NW Neutral forest offset projects and VCS and CAR improved forest management standards.

NW Neutral Comparison

Click to download the comparison as a .pdf.

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