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Purchasing NW Neutral® Offsets

How Much do I Need to Offset?

Step 1: Determine your carbon footprint. A variety of online calculators are available to create a reliable estimate of your footprint. In very complex or very large businesses we recommend using a consultant for a more detailed analysis.

• EPA provides an online calculator for individual/household use ( as well as more thorough inventory guidance for businesses (
• Terrapass provides calculators for both individual and business use -
• The Seattle Climate Action Plan provides a detailed excel based calculator for businesses -

Step 2: Using the inventory from step 1, create a plan to reduce your footprint through cost effective means (improving energy efficiency, decreasing unnecessary travel, cutting waste, etc).

Step 3: Determine how much of your footprint will need to be offset (emissions that cannot be easily reduced). This is the amount of offsets you will need to purchase each year to be climate neutral.

Step 4: Examine the offset options to determine the best type of offset to suit your needs. You may want to consider what sort of co-benefits are provided, whether the offset project type has local community level benefits/impacts, and what type of projects fit with you organizational values or goals. Is there third party verification? Will the carbon sequestered or not emitted stay in place long enough (~50-100yrs)? Is the offset creating real additional sequestration or would it have happened anyways? Is the activity merely being shifted to another area? Any reliable offset provider should be able to answer these questions about their project. We hope you will select NW Neutral offsets that meet all of the above criteria and are happy to answer any questions you may have at this point.

For businesses and organizations NNRG will be happy to work with you if you are interested in our high quality offsets. We hope to also offer retail offsets for individuals in the near future.

Step 5: You may purchase NW Neutral® offsets directly from NNRG. Click here to download the NW Neutral Forest Carbon Offset Purchase Packet. When you purchase from us you must agree to “retire” these offsets to reduce your footprint (as opposed to holding them for later resale). NNRG maintains an internal registry of offset tons generated through NW Neutral and sold to and retired by purchasers.

Step 6: Develop a plan to let your friend/family/stakeholders know what you are doing. Work with NW Neutral to ensure logo use is appropriate, etc. Please encourage others to follow your example!

Step 7: Be sure to revisit your footprint in the coming years to track effectiveness of your emission reduction strategies, changing business/family impacts, and to offset your impacts sufficiently into the future. Remember that offsets only cover a specific time period (however many years you used in calculating your footprint). You may find that you are able to decrease your footprint and need to offset less in the future if you have taken other emission reduction steps!

Click here to download NW Neutral Forest Carbon Offset Purchase Packet.



Purchasing NW Neutral® Offsets

NW Neutral® is proud to offer forest carbon offsets for sale to organizations or individuals wishing to offset part or all of their carbon footprint. By purchasing NW Neutral offsets, buyers help to support the small forest landowners in the Northwest.  Purchasing offsets not only ensures that the forest land is maintained as forest, but also supports clean water, wildlife habitat, and successful rural communities. Minimum purchase amount is 60 tons CO2.

NW Neutral purchase form picture

Click here to download the NW Neutral Forest Carbon Offset Purchase Packet.

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