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What They're Saying About NW Neutral®

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“Carbon offsets could create a new market for small forest landowners that would keep working forests working. In these challenging economic times, we must innovate ways we can simultaneously fight climate change and protect forestlands from conversion.”
Peter Goldmark
Commissioner of Public Lands, State of Washington

“Northwest Natural Resource Group believes that in order for forestry to have a dynamic impact on climate change issues, forest carbon offset must meet the highest protocol standards and support ecological functions that will be impacted by global warming.”
Denise Pranger
Executive Director
Northwest Natural Resource Group

“Seventeen years ago, ecohaus was a pioneer in the field of green building materials, providing sustainable supplies to builders and homeowners. Today, ecohaus continues to be on the cutting edge of sustainability with our support of the NW Neutral carbon offset program.”
Matt Freeman-Gleason
Chief Knowledge Officer

“As a private non-profit land conservation organization working with hundreds of small landowners throughout Jefferson County, Jefferson Land Trust has chosen to participate in the NW Neutral Program to help demonstrate this new incentive-based option for improved forest and habitat management.”
“The small working forests in the Pacific Northwest are being converted to development at an alarming rate.  Jefferson Land Trust is proud to be a part of the NW Neutral Program, which provides small forest landowners value for maintaining healthy forests in our region.”
Erik Kingfisher
Stewardship Director
Jefferson Land Trust

“Wild Thyme Farm is proud to be a partner in NW Neutral’s pioneering carbon offset program that rewards exceptional forestry and promotes long term, highly productive forest landscapes. Wild forest management is maintaining our forest in the most natural and vigorous condition possible. The ultimate objective is a forest ecosystem dominated by big trees, structural and biological diversity, while providing a steady income stream from high quality timber, harvested using the principle of natural selection, attuned to nature’s own culling process.”
John Henrikson
Co-owner and Forest Manager
Wild Thyme Farm

“If public and private stakeholders manage forests for carbon sequestration, these healthy working forests will capture vast amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide and help us achieve planetary climate goals by 2050. Up until now, selling forest carbon offsets to the global carbon cap and trade markets has been too difficult. This pioneering NW Neutral program connects carbon market buyers directly to forest owners, providing economic incentive for better forest management.”
Robert Henrikson
Wild Thyme Farm

“Sustainable Northwest is pleased that our carbon offsets purchased through NW Neutral directly promote tenure of small family-owned forests, support rural jobs, and enhance ecological function.”
Chad Davis
Sustainable Northwest
Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership

“NW Neutral is a great opportunity for the Northwest Natural Resource Group, a small, local, non-profit entity, to be on the cutting edge of forest management carbon sales.  NW Neutral is a real and tangible way to provide value to small forest landowners for being environmentally conscious.  Together, we are protecting our planet, one forester at a time.”
Mark D. Bowman
ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia
V.P. and Sr. Loan Officer
North Olympic Peninsula

“For the past 10 years, Stewardship Partners has been promoting innovative conservation programs based on voluntary and market-driven approaches.  NNRG’s NW Neutral is an excellent addition to the toolbox of conservation incentives that help private landowners preserve the natural landscapes of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.” 
David Berger
Executive Director
Stewardship Partners

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