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Our Mission

NNRG's mission and vision.

NNRG is a 501c3 non-profit organization working in the public interest. The organization's mission is to "use the marketplace to restore forests and local economies.”

Our Vision

NNRG promotes the emergence of a sustainable, environmentally sound economy throughout the Pacific Northwest in which healthy ecosystems are fully integrated with the social, economic, and cultural sySky Rootsstems of human society. We strive to achieve our conservation and economic development goals through a suite of regionally tailored, market-based conservation tools aimed at fundamentally changing the way natural resource based businesses are valued. In so doing, we are facilitating the transformation to an environmentally and socially sustainable economy from a traditional economically driven approach.


Our primary focus area is the Pacific Northwest, where we envision the region’s biologically diverse forests being maintained while providing a variety of benefits for multiple generations.


NNRG is, and endeavors to build its capacity as, a bioregional organization using sustainable forestry as a broad fulcrum for sustainable development. Understanding the inextricable link between forestry, watershed health, water quality, habitat corridors and economic performance, NNRG desires to build its current capacity to enable tailored, local and effective sustainable forest product branding, certification and supporting programs that promote sustainable communities. Relationship building, trust, credibility and knowledge of local conditions are essential in enabling the change that we believe is possible. We believe the only way to accomplish this dramatic shift is through local partnerships and leadership.

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How many tons of carbon can one acre of 60-year old Douglas-fir sequester per year?

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