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Our Partners

List and description of NNRG's partners.


NNRG values strong partnerships and believes it is only through combined and unified efforts that real landscape level change can be seen.  In each of our Northwest Certified Forestry hubs we seek out local grassroots partners for outreach and recruitment.  On our market development initiatives we often partner with other NGOs who share our vision.  We also work closely with several academic institutions to insure our programs are based on a solid scientific basis and to guide new research efforts for our Watershed Innovation program.


Some of NNRG’s partners include:


Northwest Biocarbon Initiative - NBI’s purpose is to help the Northwest become the nation’s leading laboratory and incubator for biocarbon innovation. The biocarbon solutions we advocate include healthy forests, soil-building agriculture, greening communities, recycling organic residues, and restoring coastal ecology. We highlight biocarbon NBI Logoinnovators work at the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture, conservation forestry, green infrastructure, watershed restoration, urban forests, composting, biochar, and protection and restoration of coastal wetlands and seagrass beds.


Cascade Harvest Coalition - NNRG is partnered with the Cascade Harvest Coalition and their Puget Sound Fresh program to incorporate forest landowners and Puget Sound Grown wood products into their programs.  Small forest owners face many of the same issues as small farmers and this partnership with CHC allows both organizations to apply their expertise and programs to increase our impacts and preserve well managed forest land.  Several NCF members have already  been featured in CHC's annual Farm Guide.


Sustainable Northwest – NNRG has been partnering with Sustainable Northwest and their Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership program for several years on FSC® market development projects such as forestry tours for green building professionals.  In June of 2007 NNRG and Sustainable Northwest formally entered into a multi-year MOU to align their market development programs to accomplish shared goals and achieve impacts beyond single event collaborations.


Great Peninsula Conservancy - The Great Peninsula Conservancy aims to protect land on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State and has partnered with NNRG to promote FSC forest management and connect to connect with landowners who need forest management assistance.


North Olympic Land Trust - NNRG is working with NOLT to increase FSC forest certification on the North Olympic Peninsula and is collaborating on forest management workshops and outreach in this rural area.


Nisqually River Council - The Council seeks to integrate the history, culture, environment and economy of the Nisqually Watershed.  NNRG is assisting the River Council in implementation of their 50 year watershed plan by working to make working forestland both environmentally and economically sustainable. 


EPA, Region 10 – NNRG is also working with the EPA to utilize existing water quality data in our research efforts and to develop a water quality trading framework applicable to maintaining water quality in the Nisqually watershed. 


Jefferson LandWorks Collaborative – NNRG is a founding member of the Collaborative whose goal is to achieve a "triple bottom line" by coupling farming and forest land preservation with rural economic development.  Through LandWorks, NNRG works to assist landowners with forestland to connect to capital, local markets, and technical assistance to ensure their success.  More information on NNRG’s involvement can be found on our LandWorks page.


Stewardship Partners – Since it’s inception in 1999, Stewardship Partners and their Salmon Safe Program has assisted over 100 landowners and community groups in various watersheds around the region to implement environmental restoration, sustainable resource management and environmental planning.  NNRG is working with Stewardship Partners in the Nisqually Watershed to promote land certification for farms and forests.


Seattle Audubon – Seattle Audubon has been a long time partner of NNRG collaborating with us on their Forest Friendly Lumber campaign, forestry tours, and outreach.


FSC Family Forests Alliance – NNRG is a founding member of the Alliance which was created to provide a national mechanism for bringing together individuals and organizations committed to promoting responsible forest stewardship through FSC standards. By creating a forum for communication, cooperation, and information sharing, participants in the Alliance can pursue issues of common interest, learn from one another, and enlarge the community of landowners and small businesses practicing responsible forestry.

Enterprise Cascadia - Enterprise Cascadia is a certified non-profit Community Development Financial Institution serving urban and rural communities of the Oregon and Washington and provides financing, marketing and business assistance to entrepreneurs that recognize the sustained vaShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia logolue in conservation-based management practices. NNRG worked with Enterprise Cascadia in 2006 to develop our five year strategic plan and continues to partner with them individually and through LandWorks to assist forest landowners in accessing capital and business planning assistance.


Jefferson Land Trust - Jefferson Land Trust is a key partner in conserving forestland and promoting sustainable working forests. JLT and NNRG work closely together on the Jefferson LandWorks Collaborative, and JLT has recently launched an effort to collaborate with private timber landholders, state and local governments, and conservation partners to realize a vision of a sustainable but wide-ranging economic renaissance of working forests.


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