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Northwest Certified Forestry

Northwest Certified Forestry (NCF) is a service organization for small woodland owners that helps landowners optimize the economic and ecological potential of their land.  NCF specializes in conservation-based forest management and consulting and provides a broad suite of services that range from forest management planning to timber harvest administration to wildlife habitat enhancement.  Our clients include family forests, land trusts and conservation groups, public land managers, and more.

NCF also uses a group Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certificate to offer certification to smaller forestland owners who otherwise would be unable to afford certification. NCF now include 170 members across 160,000 acres in Oregon and Washington.





How We Help You

Make a plan

We work with you to develop a stewardship plan that translates your vision for your forest into tangible management actions.

Restore your forest

We connect you to tools and resources that allow you to enhance the health, productivity, and biodiversity of your forest.  

Get certified

We provide you cost-effective access to Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certification.  

Harvest and market your wood

We carefully match your stewardship objectives with ecologically-based thinning and harvest methods to help you generate long-term sustained revenue while improving the health and habitat value of your forest.

Find information

Our stewardship experts are here for you – call us anytime. We hosts workshops and tours throughout the year to showcase progressive forest stewardship and marketing strategies. We also provide you with reliable information through a comprehensive website, email updates, and a robust community of members who can share their stewardship experience.


“FSC offers us an opportunity to distinguish our products in the marketplace and NCF group certification cut our costs by more than half. NCF has also been the most active organization we know of in identifying regional markets for our products.”

                - Richard Pine, O’Neill Pine Company

 “NCF is one of the best models I’ve seen for connecting small landowners to markets and services.”

- Joe Kane, Executive Director, Nisqually Land Trust



Get Involved with NCF

NCF Membership 

NCF offers Associate, Conservation, and Certified membership options. Whether you are a landowner, business, local government, land trust, or individual supporter of ecological forestry and healthy local economies, we encourage you to join us.


NCF Programs

Learn how NCF can assist you now with its programs and offerings outside of a membership plan.


Questions or Comments?

E-mail us at


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