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Certified Wood Products

Information on sourcing certified wood products


  • List of FSC® wood FSC promotional labelproducts from Northwest Certified Forestry


    Northwest Certified Forestry members and our production and distribution partners offer a wide variety of FSC certified products, grown right here in the Northwest to the highest forestry standards in the world.

    Some of the products available from our members include:

    1. Cedar decking
    2. Flooring
    3. Trim, moulding and paneling
    4. Beams and oversize lumber
    5. Figured maple
    6. Spalted alder
    7. Board and batten siding
    8. Fence boards
    9. Rough sawn lumber of all species and dimensions

    By supporting local FSC businesses with your dollars, you're contributing to the long term sustainability of working forests and the communities that depend on them. Our unique combination of tough forestry standards and local manufacturing produces benefits for the entire region:

    • Improved forest structure and diversity
    • Special treatment for rare species
    • Restoration of ecosystem functions
    • A diverse and stable supply of timber
    • More manufacturing jobs and a more resilient local economy
    • Less energy embodied in transportation
    • No genetically modified (transgenic) trees
    • Minimized pesticide use


    For information on sourcing specific wood products, whether logs for a mill or a few boards for a project, please call our office at: 206-971-3709.

what they're saying

“FSC® offers us an opportunity to distinguish our products
in the marketplace and NCF group certification cut our
costs by more than half. NCF has also been the most
active organization we know of in identifying regional markets
for our products.”

- Richard Pine

O’Neill Pine Company

do you know?
How many acres of forestland and open space are lost every day in the US?
 60 acres/day
 600 acres/day
 6,000 acres/day
 60,000 acres/day

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